HESC @Dawn and @ Dusk by Gerrit Janse Van Devender

Describing HESC@DAWN:
When you hear the word dawn and you find yourself in the savanna biome, it sounds like a wonderful experience. You find the most beautiful surroundings and that is what you can expect on this tour.
This tour at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) is especially for those who want to be close to natural beauty in the crisp morning air and out in the bush.  Instead of chasing the big ‘5’, we look for the small ‘5’ in our stunning 150 hectares centre. We bring back focus to the small things that lead us to why the environment is so important.
What about HESC@DUSK:
HESC at dusk is a similar experience and the difference is that instead of being an early bird, you can expect the afternoon sun.  After driving and walking around in the bush for two hours, you can expect a beautiful bush kitchen where snacks and drinks will be served by our friendly staff. The bush has so much to offer and our staff will enjoy it all.