HESC gets a brand new vehicle

Johann Gerber, Sales Consultant (middle) and his wife, Chrissie (right), all smiles as they hand over a brand-new Toyota Avanza to Ilana Mahoney, Administrative Assistant, (left) at the HESC

On the 5th of April, a brand-new Toyota Avanza was delivered to the HESC by Johann Gerber of McCarthy Toyota Lynnwood in Pretoria. This is the fifth consecutive year that McCarthy Toyota Lynnwood has sponsored an Avanza, which is used to transport VIP guests and students attending the three-week course at the Centre.

The Centre first became involved with Toyota when Mrs Lente Roode (founder of the HESC), en route from Pretoria to Hoedspruit, had an accident involving an antelope near Lydenburg. Toyota in Lydenburg was contacted for assistance, and Mr Fanie Erasmus (snr), manager of the dealership, came to the her rescue. He not only assisted her with getting her car to the workshop in Lydenburg, but also provided her with a vehicle to reach Hoedspruit. His assistance and kindness made an ardent Toyota supporter out of Mrs Roode! Since then, all the new vehicles acquired by the Centre have been Toyota models.

This blooming relationship between HESC and McCarthy Toyota Lynnwood is beneficial to both the companies. The Centre once again wishes to thank McCarthy Toyota Lynnwood for their ongoing support and goodwill.