HESC mourns the passing of Allan Pretorius


The 22nd of February was a very difficult day for all of us at HESC. We tragically lost Allan Pretorius – a colleague, friend and, even though not by blood, a brother. Allan was passionate about his job as a Field Guide, and his enthusiasm was contagious.

He was a strong person – from his character, to his personality and presence. He was a shoulder to cry on and a confidant to many. He also had an amazing sense of humour and could brighten up the darkest day.

None of us will ever forget the twinkle in those blue eyes before he was about to prank someone – and he always got away with it. Nobody ever minded being on the receiving end of a prank by Allan, as it was always funny and he would laugh with you… not at you… at least not completely.

We were fortunate to have had someone like Allan in our lives, and he will be missed.

May he rest in peace!