HESC temporarily houses a hyena


A few months ago we were requested by Limpopo Environmental Affairs to temporarily take custody of a tame female hyena, to allow the responsible parties time to acquire their permits and get the necessary documentation in order.

As HESC has the necessary facilities to keep such an animal, and we have a great working relationship with Environmental Affairs, we were happy to assist when approached.


The female hyena was at HESC for just over a month, from the 1st of July to the 11th of August 2016, after which she was moved to a wildlife sanctuary in Limpopo. This sanctuary has more suitable enclosures for hyenas and is also home to several other hyenas, which means the female hyena could be part of a pack. Sadly, because this is a tame hyena, she cannot be released back into the wild.

As this is an Environmental Affairs case, HESC has no further involvement or contact with this hyena. We have faith though, that she is in good hands.