HESC's young artists at play


At HESC everyone lends a helping hand or “paw” to make their contribution to the Centre.

Every now and then, when possible, some of the cheetah cubs get to leave their signature – a paw print – by walking through some brightly coloured harmless paint, and making their own unique work of art. This is a fun-filled activity for the youngsters as they run around “colouring” everything in sight.

Together with Mrs. Roode, their “mommy”, they spent a whole morning creating these paw print paintings. The paintings, together with a picture of the “artist”, are mounted onto different coloured cardboard, and covered by a protective layer.

The paintings are sold at our Curio shop, generating funds for the cubs to help insure their tomorrows.

Get your own unique “paw print painting” next time visiting the Centre!