HESCies return for another educational session

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The HESCies from Lumukisa Primary School returned for their third educational at HESC. As we recently celebrated World Elephant Day, we thought it fitting to include a lesson on elephant poaching. Gerrit and Simon were the Den Leaders in charge for this session.

Upon arrival at the centre, the learners attended a 30-minute lecture about poaching and the measures that are being taken to prevent it. Following this lecture, they were introduced to Zee, one of our anti-poaching canines, and Simon, who is a member of the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU). Simon explained the vital role that dogs play in the fight against poaching, and gave them a basic understanding of how the dogs are trained.

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This was followed by a demonstration on how the canines are used to track poachers. Gerrit and one of the learners walked into the bush and hid from us, while Simon and the rest of the children followed Zee in pursuit of them.  The aim was to show how the dogs are able to track someone in the bush. Without fail, Zee was able to find them and was rewarded for her amazing job.



After this exciting demonstration everyone returned to the centre to have something to eat and drink before heading back to school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and look forward to their next visit.