HESCies visit HESC again


On 1 June, the HESCies group from Lumukisa Primary School returned to the centre for their second session at HESC. This was a follow-up to the very successful first visit. These young boys and girls were eager and ready to learn even more about the environment and wildlife conservation.


The day started off with a brief discussion about Africa Day and what it means to Africans around the continent. The children were given the opportunity to discuss and learn about different cultures. It was very special to see the passion and love the children have for South African traditions.

HESC-HESCies-Lumikisa-1-June-17-6 HESC-HESCies-Lumikisa-1-June-17-11

After the talk, the group was ready to head out and learn about animals, plants and their natural ecosystems.

Juan, the Den leader, and the group made their way into the centre where they spent time observing the natural environment. They took a closer look at ecosystems and how animals, plants and microorganisms depend on each other for survival.

HESC-HESCies-Lumikisa-1-June-17-47 HESC-HESCies-Lumikisa-1-June-17-38

The children learnt how to identify trees by their leaves, bark, seeds and branches. The tour also incorporated some fun activities like picking and tasting berries and learning the different uses of trees and grass.

After the tour, the learners enjoyed a snack and drink at the Deli.

The children really enjoyed the experience, asked a lot of questions. It is always fantastic to see a group of young people who care so much about conservation and their environment.

We look forward to the many more fun and educational weeks to come with these young enthusiastic minds!