Ike, a strong Rhino Bull, another Victim to Victor, at HESC.

Exactly two years ago today, on 19th September 2016, we received a five year old rhino bull, a poaching survivor, from Pilanesberg National Park.


Ike was rescued fourteen months prior to his arrival at HESC, by the anti-poaching unit in the Pilanesberg National Park. He was found with both of his horns hacked off, and deep wounds across his back, resulting from an attack with a panga. The damage on his horn bed was very severe.
The amazing team from Saving The Survivors (STS) spent 14 months treating his wound, and it was eventually decided to surgically remove his horn-producing layer, and the horn stub, to prevent further attacks.
Ike during one of his treatments by Saving the Survivors

They decided to name him “Ikanyega”, which is a word in Setswana, meaning ‘Trust’. But he became fondly known as “Ike”.
HESC was identified as the ideal place to take care of Ike, as he would have no defense mechanism in the wild, without his horn. So, two years ago,  Ike arrived at his new forever home, with us. His first reaction as he got out of the transporting truck, was to bolt off into the bush. And that was the start of our “hide and seek” adventures with this very elusive rhino.
As Ike arrived he took off into the bushes.

After a while, it was decided that Philippa and Ike were best suited to share land together, as they really enjoy each other’s company, and they are both very skittish, and weary of people.
Ike and Philippa, November 2017

Over time they have become a little more accepting of visits from our curators, who arrive on vehicle to daily to bring fresh Lucerne.
Philippa and Ike, August 2018

We are hoping that we will in the future, see Ike and Philippa reproduce. But only time will tell!
Thank you to everyone that has followed Ike’s story.
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