In gratitude for over 2 decades of loyal service

We would like to thank one of our most loyal and hardworking staff members for her dedication and commitment to the centre.
Lafisie Malokoane is finally taking a well-deserved retirement after 21 years of service. Her last day was on Friday the 11th of March. In recognition of her time and loyalty, we awarded her a certificate of achievement and excellent service.
Two years ago Lafisie’s home tragically burned down, and she lost all of her belongings. HESC, along with Adine and Lente Roode, raised funds and helped her to rebuild her house.
Lafisie had the following message for her colleagues: “In my 21 years of service I only missed a few days of work. I urge you all to stick to tea-times and lunch-times, care for your work and work hard if you wish to receive a certificate, like I did. I would also like to thank Lente and Adine Roode for everything they have done for me over the years.”
Lafisie, we hope you have a restful retirement. We will miss you.