Introducing Milky, Smartie and Crunchie!

The new additions

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking so, HESC hasn’t suddenly branched out into the fine art of chocolatiering.

In fact, these particular ‘chocolates’ could do you some serious damage if you were to take a bite out of one of them.

Imagine that, a chocolate that attacks you when you try to eat it! Wouldn’t that be every dieters dream?

Milky, Smartie and Crunchie are Toffee’s three one and a half month old cheetah cubs. We thought it apt to name them in a way that would connect them to their wonderful mother, hence the decision to continue with the confectionary theme.

Even at this young age they’re already displaying very distinct personality traits.

Crunchie is just as his name says. He’s all milky chocolate on the outside and the delicious honeycomb on the inside. And a real charmer too! This little guy literally oozes confidence, and purrs happily whenever he receives any attention.

Smartie is more complicated than her easygoing brother, but then she is a girl so wouldn’t expect anything less from her. She is definitely more skittish Crunchie, but that doesn’t mean she can’t take care of herself.

Milky is the typical younger brother. He is still unsure of himself, and will often wait for Crunchie to investigate any potential threat (which is generally something harmless like a Rock Agama). Once it’s been ascertained that there is no real danger, Milky will then strut bravely forward to check it out for himself.

Sheila is Tilla’s only cub, and slightly younger than the other three. Not that you’d guess this by just looking at her mind you, as this feisty little once month old is already very independent. And from the look of things, a wise spirit too.

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