Joelene Ferreira - Admin ManagerJoelene Ferreira – Admin Manager

Previously a Farm Manager for a game capture company, Joelene has been Admin Manager at HESC since April this year. She has a BA – Tourism Management, as well as a FGASA qualification in Wildlife Management/Galileo/Airfares and ticketing.

Joelene loves nature and its animals, merely because she feels free – of worry, pain and sorrow. She says, “My love of for animals is too big to explain! They make me feel relaxed, like even when you shout at them for not behaving they still love you – maybe even a little more.”

This easy-going, sociable lady loves meeting new people from all over the world.

She hopes to own her own piece of land one day, where she’ll be able to give back to animals and people – helping animals, while creating job opportunities, and applying her maxim: “being the best in what I am and where I am in life”.