July/August Students – Update 1


Aapies op ‘n stok

Since we introduced them last week, we’ve been keeping our new students really busy. With a little bit of time off in-between for fun stuff like sightseeing and adventuring. Here’s what they had to say about what they’ve been up to since their arrival.

Team A: Nungu Cubs


The Nungu Cubs off to feed the cheetahs

We went white water rafting on Saturday on the Sabie River. All of us enjoyed going backwards down some of the rapids.  It was even more fun this way. The best was jumping into the water and sliding down the rocks. The next day we risked life and limb moving the wild leopard’s cage so that we could clean his room. He voiced his displeasure by growling loudly. It was terrifying to say the least. Culinary school began at 5:30am sharp. We learnt how to properly cut meat to please even the most picky customers here at the Centre. This was followed by feeding rounds at the various camps. On our next excursion we visited the Blyde River Canyon, where we took a river boat cruise. Stunning scenery was viewed by all. Hippos splashing into the water everyone excited. A short hike to the waterfall was next. The safari to the Kruger National Park allowed gave us the opportunity to see four of the Big 5.  The leopard remained elusive. We’re all exited about the weeks to come.

Group B: Duma Love


Duma Love getting their hands dirty

The past several days have been spent exploring and experiencing what Limpopo has to offer. We have also taken time to study and learn about South African culture and geography. Last weekend we went white water rafting down the Sabie River. We also took a river cruise through the Blyde River Canyon, which is the third largest canyon in the world. When not exploring we have been helping out with the day to day activities of the Centre. This includes preparing food, feeding the large and small animals, cleaning the enclosures and ridding them of snakes and other pests. On Tuesday our morning started at 4:15AM so that we’d be able to spend the entire day in Kruger National Park.  We saw four of the Big 5, as well as many birds, hippos, large reptiles and antelope. We did not leave the reserve until after the sun had set. After such a wonderful day we were all happy when it was time to crawl back into our beds. We are all looking forward to our next mystery excursion!

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Greetings from Africa,

Teams A & B