Group A: Samantha King; Louise Blakeley; Ciaran Jones; Sinead Mellet; Shanel Janse v. RensburgGroup A: Samantha King; Louise Blakeley; Ciaran Jones; Sinead Mellet; Shanel Janse v. Rensburg

HESC offers people the opportunity to experience the Centre in an intensive and hands-on 21-day programme. During the varsity holidays (June to August) this is limited to students (between 18 and 35 years), although for the rest of the year we welcome all ages.

It is divided into three main sections: Participation, Conservation and Sightseeing.

The main focus of the programme is on the cheetah, and throughout their stay participants are involved in the everyday care of these magnificent animals. This includes cleaning, feeding, and where required, assisting with or observing any veterinary activities that may take place during their stay. These same activities also apply to other species being cared for at the Centre. Click here to read more.

Group B: Emma Birch; Brid Power; Eimear Shorten; Jackie McDowell; Rory Liston
We gave a warm welcome to ten new students, eight of whom are Irish and studying at the same university, one is from England, and another is South African. All will be staying for the full three weeks. Meet the group:

My name is Brid Power, I’m from County Waterford in Ireland. I study Veterinary medicine in University Collage, Dublin.  I’m in Africa for the first time with some others from my clans.

My Name is Ciaran Jones, I am from Ireland and this is my first time in SA. I am 20 years old and studying veterinary in Dublin. This is the first time I have seen wild animals outside of a zoo. I am here on work experience for my degree. I am looking forward to working and interacting with the animals in the Centre.

Samantha King from Dorset England; this is my first time in SA. At the moment I work in a supermarket in my home town. I will however be going back to college to study art. I have previously studied animal management. My favourite animal is the leopard.

Emma Birch, 24 years old studying Veterinary Medicine in UCD Ireland. This is my first time in SA and I’m from the Midlands of Ireland. I am really looking forward to experiencing South African wildlife up close!

Louise Blakeley; age 22 from Dublin Ireland; I study in UCD Veterinary Collage Ireland. Am in 3rd year out of five, hopefully going into 4th year; first time in SA, I really enjoy the climate, culture and most of all working with the cheetahs, and South African wildlife.

My name is Eimear Shorten.  I’m from Dublin Ireland and I study Veterinary in UCD in Dublin. It’s my first time in SA. I came with 7 others from my class. We are looking forward to this educational, exciting experience.

My name is Sinead Mellet; I’m from a small village in West Ireland. I got to Collage in Dublin and I’m going into 4th year of Veterinary. It’s my first time in SA. I came here with 7 others from college. I am looking forward to the next three weeks and can’t wait to work with the wildlife.

Yo peeps, my name is Rory Liston; I am from Dublin in Ireland and I’m studying Veterinary Medicine in Dublin. This is my first in SA but I have been in Malawi before. I am 21 years old, and I can’t wait to see all the animals in their natural environment because at home we only see them in zoo’s. My favourite animal is the giraffe.

Hi my name is Jackie McDowell. I am 21 and from Ireland. Currently I study Veterinary Medicine in UCD Dublin. Hopefully by next week I’ll be in 4th year. It’s my first time in SA. I would love to see a leopard and elephants out in the bush and hopefully we’ll see plenty of the vet, as we are here as part of the work experience.

Shanel  Janse v. Rensburg: I’m South African and 20 years old. I love being in the nature and spending my time with animals. I studied Nature Management and I’m a real “boere meisie” (Afrikaans for “farm girl”).

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From all of us at HESC, and our ten students.