June Students – Update 1

Amber on a boat trip down the Blyde River

Hi everyone

I’ve been at HESC for almost a week, and already I’ve seen and done so much. Helping out in the small butchery has become a regular task, and involves preparing food for the smaller African cats, as well as the four young cheetahs. I found it funny to discover that some of the cats eat similar food to my house cats back home. I also had my first experience in the big butchery the other day, and it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I expected. Yes, it is smelly and the meat can be gross to touch, but eventually you get over the “yucky” aspects and forget about the smell. Outside of regular activities I also assisted in moving an injured lion to the vet clinic. All I did was to hold the IV bag, but even so, it was still an incredible moment for me. I never imagined I’d ever find myself so close to a grown lion, so it was really cool to take part in something like this.

The scenery here also amazing, it is so pretty and you see wildlife wherever you go! I already know it will be hard for me to leave here. Visit our Facebook or Flikr albums to see more photos of my adventures.

Greetings from Africa,