Kapi finds his freedom on Kapama Game Reserve – the story of a cheetah release

Last month, we released one of our cheetahs onto Kapama Game Reserve, and we’re pleased to say that he is doing very well!
Kapi is a gorgeous male that came to the centre in May 2004 as a wild cheetah. He was released onto a nearby game reserve with his brother in December of the same year. Unfortunately, early in 2013, Kapi’s brother died.
Because male cheetah’s form coalitions, and rely on each other to survive, Kapi’s condition deteriorated and he was brought back to HESC. It was then discovered that he had a tooth abscess. Dr Peter Rogers, a local wildlife veterinarian, removed the tooth and Kapi began to look much better.
Once he had picked up enough weight, it was decided that he was ready to be released back into the wild. So, on a cloudy morning on the 17th of December, Kapi was taken onto the Kapama Reserve and set free.
Over the next few weeks, HESC has been tracking Kapi’s progress with the help of a GPS collar.
The story of Kapi’s release is encouraging. He has been moving further and further from the comfort of the Centre. Our curator has noticed evidence that Kapi has made a kill and eaten something, although we are not sure what. He is looking happy and we are very positive about his future on the Kapama Game Reserve!