Spotlight on: Keagan Mans

Keagan Mans

Position at H.E.S.C:

Student/ Guide

How long have you been at H.E.S.C:

Almost 3 months

What do you love most about H.E.S.C:

HESC is open to many people from all over the world. This makes one feel in touch with others, and it’s a wonderful experience. With all the different animals, it’s wonderful to be able to share their stories by being their voices to the world, and to admire every gram of beauty & potential they hold.

Future Goals:

Completing my diploma in Nature Management and to get as much experience and knowledge as possible in all related areas. I would like to have a solid foundation in a conservation orientated career.

I also want to be able to sit back every night and know that I have utilised every opportunity presented to me on that day to the best of my ability, and to know that I took the time to appreciate the nature that surrounds me on a daily basis.