Khulas Cottage: Why stay there?

Some of the things we dread the most about our everyday lives are the hustle and bustle of how urban we have become. How we drive and sit in the traffic with tempers flaring and the noise we have grown accustomed to. But there is a new way of life. The #EarthWarrior way. Everyone at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) has based their every day lives to be an #EarthWarrior.
Accomodation at HESC is not limited to but includes the delightful Khula’s Cottage, where water is heated by solar panels and gas. It is incredible how something as simple as irregular mobile phone coverage can propel a guest into their surrounding environment and help facilitate this true African getaway. Guests are lead on a journey of educational which places the spotlight on saving the planet.
Staying at HESC’s  Khula’s Cottage helps guests to learn about the flora and fauna, and how to live eco-friendly and sustainable lives themselves by preserving water and energy. Choosing to stay at an eco-lodge such as Khula’s helps to ensure that you are positively contributing to your surrounding environment. Khula’s is beautifully and naturally constructed. An incredible place to spend a few days with an outside boma where even the nights come alive.
How can you make a contribution?
Khula’s Cottage is rapidly gaining popularity as guests look to help preserve the environment and contribute to the local economies, while minimizing their impact on natural environments and local populations. Hotels, lodges and backpackers often leave collectively large environmental footprints.
With the creation of Khula’s, guests are now given the option to positively contribute to their environments while simultaneously experiencing the richness and beauty of HESC.
Discovering an eco-lodge such as Khula’s can be incredibly exciting and can broaden horizons to live life in a responsible and sustainable way.
HESC has recently been awarded the Best Value Establishment 2018 by Afri-Stay. Click here to read more.
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