Latest update on Philippa – 4 August

Rhino Philippa at HESC
If everything goes well, the most recent treatment procedure on our rhino cow Philippa may have been her last one.
You may remember that Philippa came to us in January this year, after surviving the brutal experience of having her horn hacked off with a chainsaw by poachers. Her mother died during the same attack, but Philippa, two-and-a-half-years old at the time, managed to make it through. She has since been through a series of medical procedures and treatments.
Rhino Philippa at HESC IMG_7118 IMG_7134 Rhino Philippa at HESC
Dr Rogers darted Philippa just after 10 in the morning on Thursday, 4 August. Once the anesthesia kicked in, Philippa was connected to an oxygen machine and the prosthetic cover on her wound removed.
IMG_7151 IMG_7138
Philippa’s wound was cleaned with Chlorohexidine. The wound was then sprayed with F10 Germicidal and Cyclo spray (which is blue in colour), in order to dry it up and to keep flies away.
IMG_7161 IMG_7157 Rhino Philippa at HESC
Dr Rogers was very impressed with the healing; so much so that he decided that the wound did not need to be covered anymore. However, we’ll still need to monitor Philippa closely, just in case she scratches the new skin growth, and possibly exposes the wound again.
IMG_7107 Rhino Philippa at HESC
The entire procedure lasted about 30 minutes, and Philippa’s rhino friends Dingle Dell, Lion’s Den and Zeta the zebra remained close by during this time, keeping an eye on everyone.
Dr Rogers gave Philippa an antidote to the anesthesia, and she was soon on her feet. She quickly went to join Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell. Here’s holding thumbs that she never needs a doctor again!
IMG_7198 Rhino Philippa at HESC
The clip below shows one of Philippa’s earlier treatment procedures, watch to see how far this rhino cow has come.