Leopard Release – 29 September 2012

On the 17th of July 2012, HESC‘s animal curator, Christo Schreiber, was contacted by the Leopard Conservation Project (LCP). They were bringing yet another leopard to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. The LCP and HESC have been working together for some time now to keep our magnificent leopards safe and healthy.
This specific leopard was brought in from a farm near Ellisras. After killing seven of a farmer’s animals, the farmer decided to set up a cage (without a permit) to catch the animal. Once the leopard had been captured, the farmer notified Nature Conservation, and they sent Fred – of the LCP – to confiscate the leopard from the farmer and bring him to the Centre for safekeeping. The leopard was kept at the Centre to monitor its wellbeing.
Early on Saturday, 29th September 2012, HESC and the Leopard Conservation Project (LCP) released the beautiful male leopard at Camp Jabulani. Sightings of leopards at Camp Jabulani are frequent, so we chose a spot where leopards have not been seen before, as they are territorial animals. To make his presence known and make him feel more comfortable in his new environment, we spread some of his droppings around the area prior to his release. Fred, from the LCP, assisted with the preparations. Prior to him regaining his freedom, the leopard was fitted with a collar, and his movements will be monitored and mapped via telemetry to determine his range and other important information. We are certain that the leopard will thrive in his new surroundings.
Both Pick ‘n Pay – a great supporter of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre – and the SABC were there to witness the leopard’s release back into the wild.