Leopard Tortoise babies born at HESC


We are proud to announce a few new members to our family, with the arrival of the tiny shelled babies of a leopard tortoise.

One of our curators first noticed the babies on the 6th of January, and after collecting them all, counted 15 in total. A brand new enclosure has been built for them with rocks to sleep under and to protect them from the weather, as well as long grass to hide and play in. Small bowls of water have been included as tortoises love to soak themselves on hot days.



Our curators have been keeping a close eye on them, counting them each morning and making sure they are healthy and happy. Their food is replenished every second day. When they are not feasting on the long grass they eat carrots, cabbage and the occasional apple.

We are delighted to welcome our new little family to HESC.