Spotlight on: Licia Minnaar

Licia Minnaar

Position at H.E.S.C:
Assistant Curator
We asked Licia:
How long have you been at HESC?
Since 2011.
What do you love most about HESC?
Black-footed cats, but actually all the animals because each of them have their own personality! They always help to brighten your day when you are feeling a little down.
Future Goals:
I would love to study animal care further through UNISA, and maybe one day manage a lodge or work in Kenya.
Which is your favourite animal?
Savanah the Serval is my favourite animal. She loves sucking fingers, ears and hair, and will even moan if she is not allowed to do so. She enjoys it when you rub her stomach and will grab your hand if you stop rubbing!