Lumukisa receives new curtains

Lumukisa School - HESC
Earlier this year we adopted Lumukisa Primary School. We work together with the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) on this community outreach programme to ensure that the needs of the school are met.
One of the items on the school’s wish list was curtains for the classrooms, as the glare of the sun disturbed the children’s vision and therefore affected their concentration. The curtains are also important to regulate the temperature in the classrooms – during summer months, this region is known for its extremely high climate.
​Mrs. Roode spoke to Mr. Gert Gertzen, a long-time friend and interior designer for Camp Jabulani, to see if he could help in any way. Gert contacted his friends at Home Fabrics and Fabric Library, and requested that they sponsor the material for the curtains, which they gladly did. ​
The material was soon delivered to HESC. WCT funded the making of the curtains as well as the curtain rails.
​About two weeks ago, some of our very enthusiastic staff members were on site to help hang the brand new curtains. What a great team effort!
Of all of the other items on the school’s wish list, computers are a priority at this stage. If you can assist, or know of someone who can assist, please contact