Magnificent Malou


Malou, meaning renowned warrior, was born on the 21 February 2013 to Makki (the father) and Tilla (the mother).

Malou loves to chase. When the curators enter the cheetah enclosure to set up the chasing lure, Malou is already waiting at the starting point. With the pull of the lure, the food is “flying” and Malou is on the hunt. A few leaps and magnificent Malou has caught her prey. Nothing but dust remains around her from the catch and the chase is over within seconds.


When the curators are not setting up lures, Malou will chase her friend Heidi (another female cheetah) around the enclosure for some fun.

Be sure to watch Malou on her chases when next at the Centre – she is a sight to see!



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  1. Frank

    What a nice action of Reach for a dream. And good to hear the good news about the wilddogs 😀 can’t wait for the picture 😀
    Keep on the good work!!
    Greetz Frank

    1. HESC

      Hey Frank. Reach for a Dream is great isn’t it! We’ll be sure to post pics as soon as those pups arrive! 😉

  2. Marian

    Nice to see that you put this lovely picture from our son Jeno on your website.
    We all had a very good time with the cheetah’s.
    Thanks again for this very special moment we never forget!
    PS we bought a real dutch “stroopwafel” for Henk..
    Tomorrow we’ll sent it by post to SA…………….

    1. HESC

      Hi Marian. Glad you had such a great time! If you have any other pics from your trip that you’d like to share, feel free to email me ( I’ll be sure to let Henk know that the “stroopwafel” is on its way! 😉

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