Sarah, Poala and Sam with the cheetahsSarah, Poala and Sam with the cheetahs

We had a very busy and eventful week.

We went to Kruger National Park and visited the Echo Caves as well as God’s Window. We also went on an elephant back safari at Camp Jabulani.

Besides taking in the scenery and visiting the sights, we continued our work at the centre: butchery, feeding the cheetahs, feeding the small animals and interacting with the cheetah cubs.

The school came over on Friday, and we did a study on the insect living in a pond in the centre.

On our last day we spent the morning moving cheetahs from one enclosure to another. It was physically demanding and more complicated than we thought it would be, but it was all worth it when we released them into their new enclosure.

Sarah Ghys, Poala Ward and Sam MillerSarah Ghys, Poala Ward and Sam Miller

Other highlights of our week were playing football with the cubs, and interacting with Savannah the serval, the caracals, and Khula – an adult cheetah.

We also spent amazing moments with the guides on drives around the reserve and around the campfire in the evenings.

This week has gone by really quickly, and we are sad to leave today.

Wait for me!Wait for me!

A letter from Paola
Hey Paola here,

Just wanted to say what an amazing time I have had at HESC. Not only the wonderful things we have done, but the wonderful times I have had.

For me it’s been the people here at HESC that have made my time here so special. Without their knowledge, skills and expertise none of the experiences I have had would have been possible.

A Huge thank you to Karen and Tabs for making my time here so fantastic. To all the rangers for allowing us to have such hands on experience; from butchery to interacting with cheetahs. We’ve had some great laughs together and I will take away some very special memories. Thank you all so much!

Take Care Hippies!
Love from Paola


P.S. Keep in touch!!!