Sarah Henson, Janesta Scott, Wayne Scott and Mary HowkinsSarah Henson, Janesta Scott, Wayne Scott and Mary Howkins

HESC offers people the opportunity to experience the Centre in an intensive and hands-on 21-day programme. During the varsity holidays (June to August) this is limited to students (between 18 and 35 years), although for the rest of the year we welcome all ages.

It is divided into three main sections: Participation, Conservation and Sightseeing.

The main focus of the programme is on the cheetah, and throughout their stay participants are involved in the everyday care of these magnificent animals. This includes cleaning, feeding, and where required, assisting with or observing any veterinary activities that may take place during their stay. These same activities also apply to other species being cared for at the Centre. Click here to read more.

This week we said a big welcome to four students. Janesta, Wayne and Sarah are doing the three-week program, while Mary is joining us for two weeks. Here they introduce themselves…

Janesta Scott: I am from east Yorkshire, England, and the reason why I am here is because I have a very deep interest and love for all types of animals. I have been working in Saadani, at the Safari Lodge Tanzania “tent with a view”, collaring elephants. What an amazing experience! And I will continue to do this for I have loved elephants since the age of two years old. But here at HESC it is another totally different experience because I am working with other species. I have only been here for two days and I’ve enjoyed every moment.

Wayne Scott a.k.a Micky Mouse: After an early morning cup of tea and a shower and wishing Janesta happy birthday, we donned our “CSI suits” and drove down to the butchery to start the days’ meat processing. After visiting Tanzania last year to fit radio transmitters to elephants for research, this Centre (HESC) is miles different. A very good hands on experience, really close to wildlife, to interact with the lions and cheetahs is a once-in-a-lifetime thing to do. A definite one for the bucket list!

Sarah Louise Henson: I’m currently a full time beauty therapist, but I do have an interest for wildlife. I’m here with my Auntie and Uncle as I jumped at the chance to be able to experience an amazing opportunity to come to HESC. I’m very excited about having the chance to see the animals up close, and learn about the species, habits and to be able to prepare food and feed the animals.  I’m really enjoying myself and look forward to the rest of my time here.

Mary Ball Howkings (DR.): I’m am academic – an art historian who recently has published on racism in current fashion advertising. I just retired from teaching. I’ve volunteered to work with elephants in Namibia and lions in Zimbabwe before, and I loved that work and wanted to do the same with cheetahs and other wildlife. I miss my own wildlife at home in the USA – my dog and three cats. Only my cats behave well!

Janesta and Sarah at The Blyde River CanyonJanesta and Sarah at The Blyde River Canyon

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From all of us at HESC, and our four students.