Sarah rides on Fishaan

Mary Ball Howkings: It’s been an exciting week.  We’ve helped move 4 cheetahs, one of them a king cheetah.  We moved them to different enclosures.  Spending time with Savannah – a serval – inside her enclosure was wonderful. She is so affectionate and sucked on our fingers because she was bottle fed.  We’e seen many animals by now, and made a wonderful blue birthday cake in the shape of an elephant’s face.  Chippie the African wild cat slept with me in my bed one night.  He was great company.
Janesta at Khamai Reptile Park

My time here so far has been full of loads of interesting and fun things to do.  I have been able to play with Savannah which was awesome.  I have been on a Game drive on Kapama where I saw lots of animals.  I have helped with moving some of the cheetahs which took some time but got there in the end.  I’ve been able to feed the animals and make up the food which I like.  I also got to watch one of the cheetahs chase after the lure which was really exciting to see all of his muscles as he runs.  I also went on a boat trip which was really interesting and I have many more trips which I’m looking forward too.
Watch this space!
From all of us at HESC, and our four students.