Meet our Assistant Manager, Jeanre Brooks

Jeanre Brooks, who is more commonly known as “Tabs”, has dedicated the past ten years of her life to conservation, and working for HESC. 
Currently employed as our Operations Manager/Assistant manager, Jeanre works side by side with our General Manager, Karen Swiegers, who celebrates her tenth year at HESC in November too. Together they make a great team.

Jeanre has had many roles at HESC over the years.

Jeanre’s first role was that of a field guide, which she started in November 2008, and within a month took on the position of assistant animal curator. By 2009 she had taken on the role of our volunteer programme co-ordinator which she loved as she got to make friends from all over the world, and was able to not only share stories but to also share in their experiences too.
Jeanre with a young rhino calf

In 2015, the position of Guest Relations Manager became available, which Jeanre excelled in, being a proud ambassador of the centre. And since October 2017, she has taken on the role of Operations Manager/Assistant Manager of HESC having had a vast scope of experience within the centre.
Tabs always smiling

We asked Tabs a few questions:
Q: What is the highlight of your days at HESC? 
A: Spending time with the animals and being close to nature all the time.
Q: What motivates you to keep working at HESC for the past ten years and hopefully many more  to come ? 
A: Knowing that I can make a difference in preserving and protecting our precious wildlife.
Q: What animal has touched your heart the most over the past 10 years? 
A: That is difficult to say, I cannot single out just one animal, as each one has had a unique and special place in my heart.
Q: What has been the toughest experience during your time at HESC?
A: Receiving victims of rhino poaching, and rhino orphans. Seeing the devastating affect on them, all for greed, money and what they perceive to be power.
Q: What do you like doing in your spare time, when you are away from HESC? 
A:  I have a passion for wildlife photography, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.
Q: Who inspires you the most at HESC? 
A: The animal curators who dedicate their lives to the animals, people do not realise the amount of time and passion they put into that they do. And then Mrs Lente Roode, who has been like a mentor to me, she is a true conservationist from the heart. Over the past ten years she has taught me so much about conservation and to be a voice for those that cannot speak. Mrs Roode is our HESC Matriarch.
We are very fortunate to have such committed and longstanding staff such as Jeanre on our team at HESC. Our centre would not be the same without them.
Thank you, Jeanre, we appreciate you very much.
From your HESC family.