Merlin the Owl moves into his Forever Home at HESC

Merlin the one-winged owl, has had a few months of recovery in the HESC animal hospital, but finally, he was able to move into his own new private abode, and he seems to be settling in well.
This brave owl was found close to HESC on 21st March 2018, with a badly broken wing, and brought to us for treatment. We recognised him straight away, as one of the owlets that had been born in a sausage tree, directly outside of the HESC entrance, a while ago.

Merlin, in March 2018, when he arrived with a broken wing

Sadly, after observation by the vet, it was clear that he had fractured his Radius as well as his Ulna bone, and the decision had to be made to amputate his wing, as the chances were highly unlikely that they would mend.
We knew he had to be watched very closely for some time after that, as he healed, and so he stayed in the HESC Animal Hospital, under the close supervision of our curators.
Merlin-Owl- HESC -Animalhospital
Merlin in Hospital, on the mend

Due to having only one wing, it was clear that HESC would be his forever home. So. it was decided that we needed to name him, and so, we put out a request to our social media followers for suggestions. Liesel Stegman suggested “Merlin” and the curators thought that name suited him most.
Portrait Photo of Merlin the Owl

Since then, Merlin injury has completely healed, and we are proud to say, after a rather long stint in hospital, Merlin finally has his own personal space, and is doing very well.
Merlin in his new home
Merlin in his new home

HESC visitors will now be able to see Merlin during the tours that we offer of the centre provided he feels like being seen that is!
Merlin-Owl-_newHome - HESC
Merlin Healthy and well in his new home

Thank you to everyone that has followed up on his wellbeing. We wish it could have been a better outcome for his wing, and that one day we could have watched him fly away, but sadly fate did not have it that way. So, instead we ensure him of a safe and content life with us at HESC.