Mopane weighs in at 180KG – July 2018

Last month, in June, we updated our blog with orphaned elephant Mopane’s latest weight of 152KG.
A month later, in July, (which is seven months since his arrival at HESC), we are please with his current weight, 180KG! 
This little elephant is showing a good steady pace of growth, and all signs of good health. He loves spending quality time in the winter sun,  out in the bush, with his team of carers.
See below for a photo timeline of his weight measurements. You can click on the links of each one to read more.
We are seeking assistance towards Mopane’s daily costs, which are extremely high, if you would like to help in any way, no matter how small, go to or email:

Orphaned elephant Mopane weighs 180KG
Mopane weighs 180 KG – July 2018.

Mopane weighs 152KG at HESC
Mopane’s weighs 152KG, June 2018

Mopane Weighs in at 135KG
Mopane’s weigh in on the 17th May 2018, is 135Kg.

Mopane Weighs 97Kg
Mopane weights in at 97Kg in March 2018.

Mopane weighing 84KG when weighed in Dec 2017
Mopane weighing 84KG when weighed in Dec 2017

Mopane weighing 78KG when he arrives at HESC
Mopane arrives at HESC in Dec 2017, weighing 78KG