Mopane weighs in at 195kg – August 2018

Eight months ago, orphaned elephant Mopane arrived at HESC weighing just 78kg. He was found wandering all on his own, with no other elephants to be found in the area, and brought into our care at HESC.
We are very proud of his monthly progress, with each month showing steady and healthy progress. This month he has weighed in at 195KG, almost reaching the 200KG mark!
He is spending longer stretches of his day out in nature with his elephant carers, and Lammie too, starting to eat more vegetation between his bottle feedings. It is essential that he has as much time out in the open bush as possible, in a natural environment, as he develops in to a young and strong little elephant.
Each month we track his weight with few photo’s to create a visual story of his progress. See below for his weight and photo timelines.
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Mopane August Weigh in, 195KG
Mopane weighs 195KG – August 2018.

Orphaned elephant Mopane weighs 180KG
Mopane weighs 180 KG – July 2018.

Mopane weighs 152KG at HESC
Mopane’s weighs 152KG, June 2018

Mopane Weighs in at 135KG
Mopane’s weigh in on the 17th May 2018, is 135Kg.

Mopane Weighs 97Kg
Mopane weights in at 97Kg in March 2018.

Mopane weighing 84KG when weighed in Dec 2017
Mopane weighing 84KG when weighed in Dec 2017

Mopane weighing 78KG when he arrives at HESC
Mopane arrives at HESC in Dec 2017, weighing 78KG