No Blue Crane chicks this year for John and Donsie

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We hoped that 2018 would be the year that our resident Blue Cranes John and Donsie, would finally have chicks.
In October we updated our followers that they had laid two eggsand were anxious to see if they would hatch. We had to wait 30 long days. 

Unfortunately 30 days passed, and there was no movement in the eggs. We decided to wait another two weeks, as Donsie was not giving up either. She would not leave the eggs for a minute, always lying on top of them in desperate hope of her eggs hatching.

Donsie incubating her egss

After six weeks past, we took the decision to remove the eggs, as we knew that there was no chance of them hatching by that stage. However, gaining access to the eggs proved to be quite a challenge, as John was so protective over the eggs. Our head guide Jassie, took up the dangerous task, and managed to get away unscathed, just.
The eggs are now in our HESC museum.
Hopefully next year will be successful for John and Donsie.
Yours in Conservation,
The HESC Team.