November Student – Final Update

Chrissie at Camp Jabulani

Chrissie on Mupfuri at Camp Jabulani

Since introducing her at the beginning of the month, Chrissie had been pretty busy. So much so that she only managed one update between then and now. From riding on elephants to drawing blood from a cheetah, Chrissie has certainly done it all during her three week stay.


My three weeks are up and I can’t believe how much I have done, as well as all the awesome things I’ve seen and learnt about.

One of my last trips was going on an Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani. Nothing can prepare you for how massive but gracious these African elephants are. I got to ride on Mupfuri, the second oldest male in the herd. It was a very surreal experience going through the bush seeing giraffe, and watching the baby elephants chase off the zebra and wildebeest that passed by. Mupfuri was very mischievous and went off course to demolish some trees along the way. I will never forget that amazing experience.

HESC - Wild dogs

Chrissie assisting with the Wild dogs

On my last day working at the Centre I was fortunate enough to be involved in the initial stages of drawing blood from all the cheetahs in order to monitor their health.  It was very interesting to see how the blood is taken from such a strong animal. It was also really exciting when we got back perfect results from the tests.  It was a side of looking after cheetahs that I hadn’t seen before. It’s amazing just  how many people, how much money, and how much effort goes into caring for the this species in order to ensure its future.

I’ll still be doing conservation work in South Africa, and plan on putting everything I’ve learnt and experienced to good use. I’m sad to be leaving HESC and all the people and animals I’ve met in my three weeks here though.

Greetings from Africa,