November Students – Final Update

This is how you do the salsa!

Since we last updated you, our trio of musketeers has since become a duo. Sadly, Gail has gone home. We knew this time would come eventually, but with all the fun we were having it caught us completely by surprise when it finally did. Tomorrow is Ally’s turn to say goodbye, and then on Wednesday Nicole heads home too.

For the past week we have been doing our normal duties, as well as taking daily game drives in search of the Big 5. On one drive we saw an awesome necking display by two male giraffes.

On Saturday we went on the Panorama Scenic Route, which totally lived up to its name, because we saw some breathtaking sites. We ate lunch at a great restaurant that specializes in all different kinds of pancakes – savoury and sweet. A delicious experience in itself.

We’ve had a fantastic time here at HESC! Thank you to everyone! And remember to visit Facebook or Flikr to see all our gorgeous photos.

Warm African greetings

Nicole and Ally 😉