October Students – Final Update

Karen: “Those corners still aren’t clean!” Tabs: “Karen they’re going to miss their flight.”

And just like that it’s all over. The three weeks have literally flown by, and now it’s time for us to bid Kataj and Varun farewell.
Varun Gupta

The past few days have been really, really fun, we visited and did so many cool things, quad bikes and finally the potholes. Words can’t express this week because it’s been one of the best weeks of my life. I think the funny moment for this week has to be when Katja and I made Wessel take a shower because we thought Mrs. Roode was coming.

Katja Saermark

The last week has been so much fun! We tried tubing and quad biking, something I was quite sceptical about in the beginning but it turned out to be so great. I was so sure I would drive into a tree (cars and bikes are not my thing), but it was not at all that difficult as I’d imagined it, which was lucky for me.

One of the tours I’ll never forget is the elephant back safari at Camp Jabulani, it was so amazing. Varun and I had the pleasure of meeting Jabulani, which was a really a special and awesome experience. I would never have guessed it would be so comfortable sitting on an elephant.  I liked the way his body moved slowly side to side, and could easily have fallen asleep. But it turns out that the pain only comes when you get off the elephant. Ouch my legs hurt! But we had so much fun and I hope I’ll experience it again.

Anyway today is Monday and our last normal day. It’s such a weird and funny feeling, because in the last three weeks we have really felt like a part of the family. And soon it will all be over. Why do things like this always go by so fast? It has truly been an amazing time here and I can’t thank Karen and Tabs enough for making this so great. Thanks.