October Students – Update 1

What a day for a daydream…or a boat trip!

This time around there are only two students in the group. Katja and Varun hail from Denmark and India respectively. You can read more about them (and the programme) in the Introduction post.

So far Katja had been the nominated ‘reporter on the ground’ at the Centre, but hopefully Varun will show us his penmanship skills soon.

PS Katja you actually know two Afrikaans words: Braai and lekker! Well done. 😉


The first days at a new place in a new country are always so fun and exciting, because everything is happening “for the first time”. You are full of curiosity and can’t wait to go explore everything – I love it!!!

We started the day off with a tour around the centre and a trip to Hoedspruit. In the evening we enjoyed a nice braai with the rest of the staff.

It was just Lekker! (I have learned my first word in Afrikaans)


Throwing meat – Doesn’t sound that difficult, but as the day went by, it turned out to be! Hmmm!..and there I actually thought I had a pretty good throwing arm.

But when it comes to a big 2kg lump of meat that has to go over a big, big fence. Maybe not so much.

It turns out feeding cheetahs is not that easy!


Had a really nice day today. Went to Blyde River Canyon – so beautiful!! We took a boat trip and saw a hippo and a crocodile. The sun was out and warm. All in all, a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Until next time,

Katja & Varun 😉

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