October Students – Update 2


More from the students. We even managed to coerce a few words out of the ‘silent’ Varun. 😉

Varun Gupta

The past few days have been exciting, because we have gone on many interesting excursions.

The first excursion was at Moholoholo, the rehabilitation centre. They really have a bleak (but real) picture regarding the state of conservation. It made me think that maybe everything we are doing could be in vain.

The second excursion was to Khamai Reptile Park. I think that was the most educating tour I’ve ever had on reptiles. It helped me realise that snakes are very gentle, and that Hollywood and the Discovery Channel often put snakes in a bad light just to get more viewers.

I have to say, the funny moment of the week has to be Jason trying to teach me how to cut meat. To quote Jason: “Teaching you polo cross would be easier than teaching you how to cut meat!”

Katja Saermark

The last couple of days have been really interesting, I have learned a lot and pushed some boundaries.

We have visited Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre and Khamai Reptile Park – two places I’ll never forget.

To learn about reptiles – especially snakes – and to see how it truly acts in curtain situations, was really an experience. I’ve always thought that a snake would bite about 80% of the time, but that’s true at all. I now know that snakes will (mostly) only bite as a last resort. Although I must say, that if I did (which I really hope I don’t) come across a snake in the bush, I’d be scared as hell!

Karen also did a lecture for us on Game Farm management, which was really interesting. I’m now able to look at it with much greater perspective.

My opinion regarding hunting for trophies has also changed this week. I have always been against it, but I see now that it’s one way of keeping the numbers in balance (animal number control). It’s also a way of doubling your profits, because the meat from the ‘trophy’ animal can be sold separately.

Anyway – everything is just wonderful here, and we are having so much fun (although there is a lot of meat to be cut everyday)!

By the way, I’m getting so much better at feeding the cheetahs. It’s actually not that hard to throw the meat, all it takes is a little bit of practise. 🙂

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