October Students – Update 3

Okay, so the new recruits are being kept so busy at the Centre that we’ve had to resort to a pictorial update. These two ‘inmates’ haven’t had a minute spare to even write a few words to let us know what they’ve been up to. That said – pictures speak louder than words – and we’ve managed to ‘read between the lines’ and fill in the blanks on their behalf.

And if any of you have better captions to go along with these photos, please add them in the comments section! 😉

Katja: “It’s hakkeb, you’ll love it!” Nyala: “Ew…I’m a herbivore you nit!”

Karen: “Where are Kataj and Varun?” Tabs: “Still in the tank.” Karen: “Yay…more for us.”

“Katja still hasn’t finished her half, so I left her down there.”

Varun: “What happens if we let go? Katja: “Karen will lock us in the tank again.”

“The cheetah I saw outside my room was way bigger than this one!”