One person really can make a difference

G&H Transport - Khula Adoption

Jimmy & Heather Giannoccaro, Craig Paul, Rosemary Blignaut and Lesley Blignaut with Khula

Apart from adopting one of our cheetahs recently – which is in itself a bighearted and incredible gesture – Heather Giannoccaro (co-owner of G&H Transport and Repairs) has literally motored her way down HESC’s dauntingly long “wish list”, and ticked off the items one by one. This wonder woman has pulled strings, twisted arms, called in favours, begged, pleaded, and cajoled in order to get us everything we need to ensure the ongoing and smooth running of the Centre .

From cash donations (for those much needed small items that often don’t make it onto the list) to truck tyres and medical equipment, G&H Transport, along with their friends, family, and co-workers, have really pulled out all the stops for us.

Below is the impressive list of items that Heather has collected on our behalf, but even more amazing is the fact that G&H Transport is also donating a mini-bus to HESC, which will go a long way towards aiding our endeavours in supporting the Paulos Ngobeni Primary School .

Everything will be delivered to the Centre courtesy of MBS Transport, who also assisted in transporting some cheetahs that had to be relocated from Cradock to HESC in order to protect their bloodline and prevent in-breeding.

  • R5000 donation from MBS Transport
  • R5000 from Tre Cugini Transport
  • $500 donation from Craig Paul in Australia to purchase paint and fencing material
  • $200 donation from Gianni and Angenita Giannoccaro – this was part of the money they received as a gift for their wedding
  • A gentleman who sponsors us has very kindly offered to fix the trusty tipper truck’s engine
  • Heather’s sister Lesley coerced her contacts in the medical field to supply the Centre with a blood gas machine, ketamine, ringers, glucose drips, and piping for the drips
  • Sunlight Dishwasher
  • Milton Sterilizer
  • Grey Blankets
  • Latex Sterile Gloves / Sterile Needles and Syringes
  • Mincing Machines (hand operated)
  • Steel Rakes / Brooms / Slashers / Hosepipes / Pooperscoopers / Wheelbarrows
  • Black Containers / Crates
  • Feeding Bowls / Cat Litter Trays / Meat trays
  • Tipper Truck Tyres
  • Ringers Lactate Drips / Sabax Glucose 5% Drips
  • Blue Two-piece Overalls / Black Gumboots
  • G&H Transport T-shirts & Baseball Caps
  • Frontline
  • Office Stationery – Labels

From the bottom of our hearts we say a warm, fuzzy, huge thank you Heather and her crew !