Orphaned baby nyala at HESC

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Last November, Dr Rogers brought in a nyala calf to Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) that was approximately a week old. Her mom was sadly killed by a buffalo.

She weighed 6,2 kg on arrival, and took her first bottle that evening at 11pm, drinking 62 ml. The nyala was Initially aggressive when first introduced to Moo, the sheep; but by the next day the two had bonded. They were both moved in with Bokkie Bok, our resident duiker, who wasn’t too impressed with her new ‘room mates’ in the beginning. But the three are now living harmoniously. The baby nyala receives a litre of milk daily, and now weighs 13,2 kg.

The nyala and Moo

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  1. Bernie

    Very nice et poor baby nyala. But now she is in good hands.
    Thanks to the doctor and to the Hesc team… and Moo too 🙂

  2. Anika Van Rensburg

    Dear Mr/Mrs,
    We trust you are well.
    I would like to know if a person is allowed to adopt an orphan like the lottle Nyala, or is it illegal to keep such an orphan animal at home?

    1. HESC

      Hi there ANika, sorry to only see your message now.
      One does have to have a license. Do you have a Nyala that you need help with?

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