Orphaned elephant, Mopane's new colourful handknitted blanket from "Raising Rhinos".

Mopane, an orphaned elephant in our care at HESC, received the most thoughtful gift from two young and kind hearted young little ladies, named Phoebee & Baylee Roberts

Mopane With his colourful blanket
Mopane having fun with his new blanket

They brought this colourful hand knitted blanket for Mopane, with the initials “RR” stitched into it, standing for their organisation “Rescued Rhino’s”
For some time now, Phoebee and Baylee have dedicated much of their spare time to raising money for the Rescued Rhinos and Wild Dogs at HESC.
Linri feeding orphaned elephant Mopane
Linri, our Head Curator at HESC, giving orphaned elephant Mopane his afternoon bottle, with his blanket on.

Going into the cooler mornings and nights now, we are sure that Mopane will make good use of this wonderfully bright and happy new “blankey”.
Mopane's elephant trunk, dragging his blanket.
Mopane’s elephant trunk, dragging his blanket.

But we are also pretty sure, it will undergo some tough endurance tests in the next months too!
Thank you Phoebee and Baylee, for EVERYTHING that you do for HESC, you are an inspiration to us. We just simply ADORE this wonderful blanket. Keep your hearts shining like they do!