Orphaned rhino bull, ‘Muddy’, arrives at HESC


On Wednesday 4 May 2016, on a private nature reserve in the vicinity of HESC, a baby rhino was found stuck in mud. It is suspected that his crash left him behind when they could not free him.

Muddy brought to hesc

Dr Steinmann and Janelle were called to rescue the young animal and bring him to the centre where he was immediately treated for dehydration, and given vitamin injections to boost his immune system.

IMG_6650 Muddy


This baby rhino is approximately two weeks old and weighs 50 kilograms. He’s been given the name ‘Muddy’ – for obvious reasons.

We are happy to report that Muddy is doing well. He took to the bottle instantly and has been drinking 650 ml milk every three hours.

IMG_6643 IMG_6645 Muddy

As Muddy was clearly stuck in the mud for some time, his little feet are very soft. It will take a bit of time before they return to normal. Thankfully they are already starting to dry out, despite the fact that he’s not even been at HESC for a full day.

IMG_6688 IMG_6691

We are currently trying to source a Pedi sheep like Lammie to be a ‘surrogate mother’ to little Muddy. This companion is critical to his well-being and essential to ensure as little human-to-animal contact as possible.

We will keep you posted as to his progress.

Yours in Conservation,

The HESC Team

IMG_6696 IMG_6707

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  1. Steve Harris

    Thank you all, for the amazing and dedicated work you do.

  2. LC

    Aww how sad his family had to leave him behind. Thankfully he is in the best of care lucky little guy. I cant believe how tiny he is, thank you all for your loving care of this little one.

  3. Bernie

    You saved the cute little Muddy. You heal et you loved him…
    But he died few months after… Why ?
    I’m very sad about the death of the poor Muddy.
    He’s was suffered so much and too long…
    I’m sure he’s in the paradise now…
    I hope Olivia, Khulula and Little N still going well and we’re waiting for watching them again on rhino cam.
    RIP little Muddy.

  4. Nan Ross

    Thank you for all your good work. Must be hard not to encourage human-animal contact for his own good. Hope Lammie does the trick. We all appreciate the dedication you give this future-important task.

    1. HESC

      Thank you! It is difficult to limit it, but we always ensure they get lots of love from their carers and curators 🙂

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