A little Bushpig Patient at HESC

We took in a new patient at HESC recently, the sweetest little female Bushpig, who was not more than three months old, when she arrived.

Bush pig photo
Close up photo of our Bush Pig Patient

Our centre got the call on the 29th July, that an injured bushpig had been found, and was in badly injured. Our General manager, Karen Swiegers, went to go fetch the little patient straight away.
We called in wildlife vet, Dr Peter Rogers, to take a look at her, and treat her where necessary. She had two open wounds that were visible, both on her rear, as well as on her knee, but once under sedation, it we soon learned that she also had a broken tibia bone in her back right leg too.

Doc Rogers cleaned and treated the wounds, and stapled them closed to heal, and applied a splint and bandaged to her leg. Pain medication was also administered, to help for the next few days, as it healed.

By the 31st July, (two days later), our patient was eating and drinking well, showing a healthy appetite. All signs are there of a positive recovery for this little animal. We kept her under the supervision and care of our animal hospital to keep a close eye on her.
On the 18th August, her bandage came off, and she had also showed some discomfort. Dr Rogers found an abscess on her leg which was a result of a piece of bone that  must have broken off during her injury, and was now being rejected by her body. This was removed and treated accordingly.
Bush Pig patient at HESC Animal Hospital
Walking around in her room at the animal hospital

Since then she has been going from strength to strength, and is quite vocal if she does not get her way. She lets us know very quickly if she is getting hungry before her planned feeding times, throwing little tantrums with her food bowl, it is very endearing.

From hereon we will continue to monitor her closely, until such time this lovely little bushpig is fully rehabilitated and release her back into the wild.
We will keep you updated!
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