Our new vet, Dr Nina Kisch

Dr Nina Kisch with ‘staffie’, Hiccup & terrier, Kaeli

Our new veterinarian, Dr Nina Kisch, recently graduated from the world-renowned Faculty of Veterinary Science at Onderstepoort. While she was still studying, Dr Kisch spent her weekends and holidays gaining valuable wildlife experience under a private wildlife veterinarian practicing in Nelspruit and Limpopo. She has assisted in numerous captures, relocations, fascinating surgeries (such as vasectomies on lions), emergency call-outs, rhino de-horning and the establishment of intensive breeding projects in African Buffalo and Sable Antelope.

Three of her great veterinary passions are animal reproduction, primary animal care in underprivileged communities and teaching, as there is nothing more important than educating the youth about South Africa’s vast array of wildlife, and inspiring them to continue to protect and preserve our animal heritage.

Ever since she was a small child, there was never a question as to which field of work Dr Kisch would go into. Initially, it was the pure love of animals that drove her, but as she continued with her studies, she realised how much one can help people by helping animals. Seeing the joy and fulfilment that animals – both wild and domestic – can bring into people’s lives, and being able to help them when an animal is in need, continues to reinforce her belief that she is in the right field of work.

Outside of her work, Dr Kisch enjoy training and riding , 4×4-ing and spending time her two dogs.

Dr Nina Kisch will work closely with curator, Christo Schreiber, who has a lot of experience and plays a vital role in the caring of all the species at HESC. She will also work in conjunction with the student programme, and veterinarian students will learn and benefit immensely from the team at HESC.