Participant Feedback 2016

What I enjoyed the most was talking with the guides and learning about their way of life and habits. My message to the next students is work hard and keep on smiling even at the vulture restaurant.”

Lenn Pelecijn (age 26) joined the program 06/12/2016 – 26/12/2016

What I enjoyed the most was being so involved with the animals and socializing with the guides. My message to the next students is to always wear sunscreen.”

Nathan Winters (age 32) joined the program 06/12/2016 – 26/12/2016 

“The game drives were very exciting. The optional activities also added a good portion of fun and an awesome lifetime experience. I felt a sense of personal achievement for helping the centre.”

Peiwen Ye 16/08/2016 05/09/2016

“I gained a lot of knowledge and met new friends”

Ivan Garcia 16/08/2016 05/09/2016

“There were a lot of “highlights”

“Feeding the cheetahs and Rhino, game drives, Kruger Park, Cheetah interaction, cooking for the rest of the students and staff and the stay in Nungu camp.”

Kenix Hong joined the program 16/08/2016 05/09/2016

“What I enjoyed most? Game drives, nice staff, feeding baby rhinos, cheetah moving, Kruger National Park”

“Enjoy the time it was way too short.”

“I really want to come back, this experience was just awesome and I learnt a lot about myself, animals and others.”

Hannah Clemens (age 19) joined the program 25/7/2016

“What I enjoyed the most? Everything. Especially the kind of people and the way of work. Everything is perfect.”

Benedetta Alban (age 19) joined the program 19/7/2016

“It has been a pleasure to share this incredible experience with incredible people who do an incredible job!”

Kevin Berthet (age 22) joined the program 19/7/2016

“I enjoyed every single part of my 3 weeks- it was amazing to be able to help out around the centre with feeding and maintenance, going on game drives with the staff.”

“I would love to be able to stay longer than just 3 weeks as there is so much to see and experience!”

Martine Le Gulicher (age 27) joined the program 19/7/2016

“Enjoy. A once in a lifetime experience!”

Marna & Imari Van Der Walt joined the program 4/7/2016

“Enjoy yourself. You’re going to get dirty and smelly but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. Don’t take this experience for granted!”

Anna Markey (age unknown) joined the program 21/6/2016

“What I enjoyed the most? The variety of things we got to do, there were so many great opportunities is packed into such a short time frame, and that makes it hard to pick just one thing that was my favorite.”

“I’m going to miss this!”

Emily Berry (age 21) joined the program 21/6/2016

“Actually getting to work hands on and feeling important. We weren’t just on the side, we got right in there and worked hard.”

“Exceeded expectations!”

Darian Lucas Lipner (age 20) joined the program 21/6/2016

“What I enjoyed the most? The animals!! I felt very privileged to work alongside very dedicated/ knowledgeable staff, I will take away my memories and know they will last a lifetime.”

Mandy Turner (age 49) joined the program 21/6/2016

“I want to stay longer”

“I loved everything. The most adventure and the wildest one, I wouldn’t change anything.”

Manuela Trujilo (age 22) joined program 15/3/2016

“I enjoyed the most bottle feeding of Balu and Stompie and of course the procedures (cheetah, Rhinos) Big feeding days as well! Amazing! I would organize the program for 4 weeks three weeks are too short!”

“Was a crazy time but I loved it!”

Kim Meier (age 23) joined the program 2/2/2016

“You have blown my mind!”

Kylie Bennett (age 28) joined the program 2/2/2016

“What I enjoyed the most? Participating in cheetah and rhino procedures, being able to bottle feed rhinos and game drives”

“I learned so much and had so many new experiences, saw some amazing wildlife, met some amazing people and got more hands on experience than I ever thought I would! Life at home working with domestic animals seems boring in comparison.”

Leanne Clarkson (age 24) joined the program 2/2/2016