Participant Feedback

“Absolutely LOVED IT!! Been such an incredible experience. I’ve gained so much knowledge and hands-on experience during my stay. ”

Isabelle Davidson (20) joined programme from 1/12/17 to 21/12/17

“Embrace every moment, the experience and moments you will have are priceless.”

Stephen Kelly(28) joined programme from 10/10/17 to 30/10/2017

“Go in with an open mind and be prepared for everything.”

Nicole Balales (26) joined programme from 10/10/17 to 30/10/17

“Enjoy each and every moment, you will miss it later.”

Isabella Trujillo (24) joined the programme from 22/08/17 to 04/09/17

“The programme covers a lot of stuff, even for someone “new” to conservation, it gives a good well rounded notion of the entire situation. The entire programme is really well composed, but the enthusiasm and life stories from the coordinators are inspiring and contagious.”

Bernard Ferreira (27) joined the programme from 22/08/17 to 04/09/17

“I had a fantastic time, learnt an incredible amount. Both Ruan & Herman were amazing coordinators with a lot of knowledge. I’ve loved my time here and can’t thank everyone enough. This program has expanded so much of my knowledge and influenced many of my future decisions. It has inspired me to continue volunteering, helping conservation and maybe even getting my PHD.”

Kirsten Smith (20) joined the programme from 15/08/17 to 04/09/17

“Enjoyed it! Some things that you are going to do here, don’t happen every day.”

Nerischia Potgieter (19) joined the programme from 15/08/17 to 04/09/17

“This is an excellent program with a wide range of subjects & experiences. Would recommend to people who are truly interested in wildlife & conservation.” 

Nick Szepes (29) joined the programme from 15/08/17 to 04/09/17

“I had an amazing time, everything was above and beyond expectations.” 

Samuel Sheppard (20) joined the program from 15/08/17  to 04/09/17

“I really enjoyed learning about K9 unit and all the anti-poaching work that is being done… I would like to thank everyone for making it such a wonderful week that was filled with lots of fun. I will be looking into coming back for a longer visit.”

Ebony Pointon (28) joined the programme from 25/07/17 – 31/07/17

“This programme is something I will never forget! The coordinators are super, so is the centre.”

Isabelle Bednarz (20) joined the programme from 25/07/17 – 07/08/17

“I enjoyed feeding the cheetahs and spending time around the fire with fellow participants”

Bo Brouwer (20) joined the programme from 18/07/17 – 07/08/17

“I enjoyed feeding the awesome cheetahs, the Camp Jabulani elephant experience, anti-poaching flight and the atmosphere with the coordinators.” 

Peter Jukic (22) joined the programme from 18/07/17 – 07/08/17

“It was a great experience. I hope to come back. South Africa is a beautiful country and we learned so much about the country as a whole from this programme”

Ann-Cathrin Schlapp (17) joined the programme from 18/07/17 – 07/08/17

“The programme has a good balance compared to another I did in Namibia that had too much work and demands on the volunteersHere you get to see and help HESC behind the scenes.”

Kim Bloomfield (63) joined the programme from 19/07/17 – 23/07/17

“Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and enjoy the early mornings and long days! It’s what you’re here for and it’s an experience of a lifetime so make the most of it!”

Antonia Spiteri joined the programme from 30/05/17 – 12/06/17

“I came back for a second time, that’s how impressed I was!”

Erika Meiring (44) joined the programme from 28/03/17 – 17/04/17

“I enjoyed the breadth of content within the programme, the opportunity to feel like I’m able to give back and make a difference in a small way, and to meet like-minded people.”

Lisa Chapman (45) joined the programme from 28/03/17 – 17/04/17

“We had some great in depth conversations about conservation and anti-poaching with Ruan and the other volunteers around the fire. It’s in these moments we learned the most… I would strongly suggest that future participants stay for the whole 3-week programme so they get to experience everything… I had a fantastic time and a life changing experience for me that I will never forget.”

Elizabeth Collins (25) joined the programme from 26/03/17 – 17/04/17

“Caring for the animals and the outings were great – too many highlights! I had a great time and really enjoyed it yet again. Would recommend to everyone to at least come once.”

Laura Cook (44) joined the programme from 26/03/17 – 17/04/17

“My advice to the next students is ‘be prepared to get stuck in!”

Georgia Richards (23) joined the program: 6th-12th March

“Be ready to wake up (and go to bed) early, and to do physical work. This is not a vacation!”

Pauline van der Bent (26) joined the program: 07/03/2017 – 13/03/2017

“I have had the experience of a lifetime. I enjoyed the trip to the school, cheetah and elephant interaction, and making new friends. I can’t wait to return to South Africa.”

Nathalie Matthews (25) joined the program: 28/02/2017 – 13/03/2017

“This was a great volunteer programme. Come in with an open mind and expect to meet people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, ages, etc.”

Fang Jiayun (32) joined the program: 28 Feb to 10 Mar 2017

“HESC is a wonderful place to learn more about nature and wildlife conservation in South Africa. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. In 3 weeks I learned a lot about nature conservation, but also a lot about myself. Thanks to Ruan and Tina for the lovely meals and for making me feel welcome.”

Lore Verheyen (22) joined the program: 28/02/2017 – 20/03/2017

“I enjoyed spending time with the cheetahs and elephants on a one-on-one basis.”

Chloe Graham (20) joined the program: 28/02/2017 – 13/03/2017

“I enjoyed interacting with animals and making new friends.”

Aimee Watton (21) joined the program: 28/02/2017 – 13/03/2017

“This programme is so much beyond what I expected. It is so well designed and educational at the same time (anti-poaching).”

Yiming Hu joined the program 31/01/2017 – 20/02/2017

“Excellent programme! Enjoyed it so much!”

Jincheng Ma joined the program 31/01/2017 – 20/02/2017

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