Paulos Ngobeni Primary School Greenery Project

The Greenery Project

The student programme visited Paulos Ngobeni Primary School, and the recycling project is going well. The learners collected waste material from members of the community, and used some of it to make decorations.

The JoJo tank stores borehole water for irrigation

The vegetable garden looks fantastic, and the learners are really committed to maintaining and taking care of it. The learners planted sweet potatoes, gasava (something similar to sweet potatoes), carrots, onions, tomato, papaya trees and lemongrass.

Protected areas in the garden

The product from the worm farm is working really well, together with pig and chicken manure for compost for the garden. There are three boreholes with Jojo tanks on the school grounds for irrigation.

Papaya trees

Learners enjoy two meals at the school and volunteers from the community assist in preparing the meals, and arrive at 5am at the school in order to serve the meals before 10am. The government does provide some of the ingredients for these meals, and the vegetable garden provides additional vitamins and minerals to the learners. These meals are essential as in some cases it is the only meal some of these children receive .