Paulos Ngobeni Schools gets a minibus

HESC - Minibus donation

Heather Giannoccaro hands over the keys to Daphney Makhubele - Paulos Ngobeni’s Principal

First Heather Giannoccaro of G&H Transport showed us that one person really can make a difference, and then she and husband Jimmy decided to adopt Khula as well.

Now this amazing woman has done it again!

In keeping with our ongoing community development initiatives, HESC adopted the Paulos Ngobeni School as its charity of choice. As a local community school, its big on heart, but sorely lacking in so many other crucial areas, one of which was safe and reliable transport for its learners.

When Heather heard about their plight, her immediate reaction was to find a way to help. Before long Heather came back to us to say that G&H Transport has bought a minibus for the school.

Now its learners will be able to enjoy complimentary visits to the Centre – which will form part of their annual educational curriculum – as often as they please. These visits will not only serve as much needed field trips for kids who often don’t get to experience much more than their immediate surroundings, but will also offer the added benefit of teaching them about social responsibility, conservation and wildlife in general.

Together with the HESC Student Programme, which hosts students from all over the world on a monthly basis, we plan to arm the children with computer skills, as well as offer them art classes at the recently launched Community Art Gallery.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank and salute Heather and G&H Transport for their unwavering support, both of HESC and the Paulos Ngobeni School. The world is definitely a brighter place because of people like her.