Porcupine pokes the Cheetah

HESC-Cheetah (1)

When Christo Schreiber (our Chief Curator) was conducting his daily animal checks on the 23rd April 2015, he noticed that Trevor the cheetah was limping. On closer observation he realised why. Two porcupine quills were the culprits, one embedded in the cat’s leg and the other in its paw. Christo quickly phoned Dr. Rogers to assist in helping the injured animal.



Trevor was lured into the feeding enclosure where he was darted by Dr. Rogers. Once sedated, the quills were extracted – first from the leg (this one was quite a deep wound), and then from the paw. Pain medication and antibiotics were injected into the cheetah to assist in the recovery process, and to avoid potential infection.



We are very happy to report that Trevor is now walking properly, and in high spirits.

Dr. Rogers saves the Day, once again!