Rescued Rhino, Esme, goes from Strength to Strength at HESC.

Our journey with Esme started 8 months ago, when she arrived at HESC in October 2017, after being rescued from certain death. She was so thin, literally skin and bones, weighing only 50kg, after her mothers milk was not providing her with any nutrients, although she had been suckling.

Esme weighing 50KG
Esme arrived at HESC weighing only 50 Kg’s

Eight months later, and we can proudly say she has become a strong and healthy young rhino, and although she is too heavy for our weighing scale now, we estimate she weighs close to 500Kg (1000 Lb)
Esme grows into a strong young rhino
Esme grows into a strong young rhino

The HESC curators have worked out a weaning schedule for her, and she will be officially weaned by 01 April 2019, and from this month Esme drinks 22 litres of milk formula daily, over a span of 4 feedings. In between her milk feedings she eats grass, lusern, boskos and even leaves.
Her typical day at HESC entails feeding times at 06h00; 09h00; 15h00 and 18h00. Each morning at 8am, she is taken out for a walk around the grounds of HESC with one of the curators or carers, and she normally stops at a certain spot that she loves, for grazing and a mid-morning nap (often on the lap of the carers!).  When she is ready, we bring her back to her Boma, where she enjoys a mud bath and a midday nap. A bit later in the day she is taken out for grazing in a natural environment again.

Those that have followed her story will remember that she has problems with her skin, as a result of her malnutrition as a baby, but this has also improved leaps and bounds. Her heels are healed perfectly, and we now continue to apply a lotion to her body to prevent her from getting too dry, especially during the colder winter months.
Esme has the most loving personality, extremely relaxed and not aggressive at all.  She can be a little clumsy as she finds her feet as she grows, which David, her best friend, who is an Anatolian Shepherd, knows all about.

Esme and David now
Esme and David now

David recently had his paw stood on by Esme, and so needed to have some time out to relax it and let it rest, but he could not stay away for too long from his friend, and they are back together again!
We rely solely on donations to keep her care going, if you would like to donate towards Esme, please go to 
Thank you to everyone that has supported Esme and HESC on her journey so far, no matter how small the donation, it has helped us get her back on track to a healthy life.
The HESC Team