Rhino Update

Rhino Update
When entering the word “Rhino” into Google, some suggestions pop up like, “Are rhinos mean?”.
As with most animals, when not unhinged they are not mean. In fact, their poor eyesight is to blame for what could interpreted as being short-tempered and aggressive. White-rhinos, especially, will charge first and assess the situation afterwards.
If you have ever visited for the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) you would know that a rhino left on their own to graze are the most harmonious and peaceful animals.
With 13 rhinos to take care of, HESC would like to update you on the progress of each:
Lula has been weaned from milk.
This is a huge milestone in the life of little Lula. She currently shares an enclosure with Balu, Stompie, Olivia, Khulula and Baby N; all of whom are doing very well.
Our crash of rhinos enjoys spending their day grazing and having mud baths.  As you can imagine this can be a messy affair but is worth it when you see a happy rhino.
Gertjie and Matimba are still two gentle giants who brings a smile to the staff whenever they are seen.
Lions Den and Dingle Del are our two survivors and are truly an inspiration. They have shown what a determined few can achieve.  Being one of the first procedures of its kind, HESC managed to rehabilitate their noses through roughly 40 operations and have thusly been able to ensure their future.  The hope will always remain that these two ladies will inspire people to do more.
How can you help?:
Ike and Philippe continue to ease into their surroundings and every time they are seen, a great improvement is visible in their general behavior.  HESC is positive and happy that they have come this far and believe that they will continue to thrive while in their care.
Esme, our littlest one is doing well.  She continues to enjoy her daily walks around the centre, exploring and playing.  Her friend and protector, David, never leaves her side. Their story continues to captivate people around the world and bring the plight of the rhinos to the masses.
HESC is thrilled that all our rhinos are happy and relaxed and continue to grow and become strong and exclaimed high hopes for the future.

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  1. Lori Friedman

    I shed tears of joy reading these updates. Thank you HESC.

    1. HESC

      Thank you for being so supportive to HESC, Lori.

  2. Bernie

    Thanks for all good news and the pictures !
    Could you please show us videos of the little big rhinos ?
    What about the live cam at the boma still shutdown ?
    Have a nice day all the team !

    1. HESC

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
      The video-cam at the boma is an ongoing project and we will give feedback as soon as it is possible.
      Although not live-cam footage, we suggest you keep an eye out on Facebook as the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) will be posting some cute and remarkable footage soon!

    2. HESC

      Hi Bernie – you will love the video we are going to share this evening! Stay tuned….. 😉

  3. Sandy Tietjen

    I’ve been following HESC since you rescued Gertjie. I fell in love with Gertjie. Will Gertjie be released into wild?
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do. These animals are so fortunate to have their HESC family and so are we.

  4. Chad

    Love HESC and all of the beautiful babies you have rescued .

    1. HESC

      Thank you Chad, for your ongoing support!

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